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Is your IP data network holding your profits down?

Do you have IP network monitoring issues?

Need some help?

Data Networking:  >30 years of IP Data Networking and IT Experience

 Complete Small Business Networking & IT Solutions

  • Network Architectural Consulting and Design
    • LAN, VLAN, and VoIP
    • WAN and VPN
  • Setup and Configuration
    • IP Data Networks
    • LAN, VLAN, WAN and Wi–Fi
    • Routers, Switches, and VoIP
  • Full Service 24/7 Data Network Monitoring
    • Device Status and History
    • Interface traffic volume and loads
    • Network Element Status
    • Local and Remote Network Status
    • Web access interface and log reporting
    • Full threshold–crossing Alerts
    • Notifications through Pager, email, alarms, etc.
    • QoS monitoring and Flows
    • Layers 2 and 3 connectivity
    • Custom Probe Development

We have been a proud Intermapper™ user since 1994.

We can help you with all your IP data networking issues, from setup to monitoring. We promise rapid turn around and we will work within your budget.

Is it important to your business to know if a server is down before the client or staff calls? Is it important to see bottleneck buildups? Is greater network up-time important? Would you like to spend less time troubleshooting your IP network?

We can setup your whole business data–network, monitor your entire network using SNMP as well as many other standard and custom probes, send notices, and do all the work for you.

Contact Us with a data networking question or to request a free quote.

ph:(402) 443–5174
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